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Holding virtual interviews have taken over physical interviews in the world we live in today. This started as a result of efforts to curb the spread of the Covid-19 virus by reducing physical interaction.

Many organizations in the past relied on wowing candidates with beautiful office spaces, friendly welcoming staff, and positive body language, all of which are not possible with virtual interviews.

How can you ensure that your organization is still attracting top talent in an environment where culture can no longer be displayed but must be conveyed virtually?

Research conducted during the pandemic has shown that employees are less likely to quit their jobs due to the high level of uncertainty. This means that it is increasingly difficult to attract highflier talent. Organizational branding is now being judged by the response to the pandemic, especially with employee welfare and safety. 41% of candidates who have a bad candidate experience dissuade others from doing business with the organization. It is important to take a step back and review how the organization is presented to candidates to ensure the best talents join your workforce.HR managers have a huge role in creating a virtual candidate experience that still sends the message “This is the best place to work” to candidates.

Drawing from our virtual recruitment experience in the past year, we have two tips to successfully deliver an excellent virtual candidate experience and sell your employer brand.

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