Businesses are profit-making units and what drives these units is the process of selling. All efforts in an organization are ultimately directed towards incurring targeted sales. The orientation in the market has shifted from product concept to marketing concept. Customer’s need satisfaction has become paramount for businesses to succeed. This 2 days Professional Selling Course is designed to be your one-stop solution for all sales-related challenges.

Our Professional Selling Training Programme addresses the challenges of selling goods & services or capital equipment today. It will show your salespeople how to operate professionally and profitably in the most competitive selling situations. Your sales people will gain vital confidence from knowledge and skills they learn as well as being able to motivate, persuade clients and close profitable businesses.

This programme is essential for Heads of Marketing, Senior Marketing Professionals​ and those seeking to sharpen their selling skills.

At the end of this programme, participants will be able to;​ ​

Acquire new skills with which to improve exceptionally in sales performance Learn how to transit from basic selling into relationship management Make appointment and obtain interview Know how to plan and get oneself better organized Open sales and gain client’s attention Manage the sales territory effectively Skillfully manage communication with difficult buyers Learn commercial negotiations tactics Write concise sales report understand channel management

26 – 27th August 2022


U-Connect Learning Academy:
3rd Floor, Tisco House, Alhaji Ashabi Cole Street,
CBD, Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria

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