Business Communication

Communicating effectively is an invaluable business tool. Strong communication skills will help you get noticed and achieve professional success – and they will help ensure that you consistently secure the results you are aiming for. Communications is evolving rapidly in line with digitization.

It has been globally observed that candidates who can express fluency in communication through a flawless register stand a higher chance of a promotion, winning a new project and taking their brand to greater heights.
Through this course, we aim to help each participant build on their communication strengths and learn new and interesting techniques to add to their skillset.
This Business Communications Skills for Managers Programme has been designed to equip you with the tools to communicate effectively across the gamut of business channels – from interpersonal communication and communicating in meetings, through to effective use of digital channels.

Any organization looking to position themselves strategically on the global market will know better than to ignore the importance of effective communication skills by their representatives. A single interaction has the potential to make or break a business opportunity, land a million-dollar contract or cause a loss of clients altogether.

Heads of Department
Business Managers
Team Leads

At the end of this programme, participants will be able to;​ ​

Demonstrate an understanding of communication channels in business and everyday life.
Conduct written and verbal communication within the business environment.
Use communication in a business environment

Understand the essential components of effective communication
Appreciate real-time feedback on their language structure, tone and non verbal nuances.
Recognize flaws in their own communication style Practice recommended methods for effective communication and make personal improvements Understand the importance of effective communication personally and professionally Express ideas fluently through conversation Use their words, tone and posture to match the objective of their communication successfully Build rapport easily Use assertiveness to bring out the best in one’s communication

29 – 30th August 2022


U-Connect Learning Academy
Lekki, Lagos