We have developed the capacity to deliver efficient Verification Services and Background Checks that are extensive and exhaustive to organizations.

We provide resourceful verification services to meet your business needs by leveraging our network of competent agents, reliable contacts, and relationships with academic institutions and government agencies.

Employers of labor have fallen victims of fraudulent employees due to their negligence in carrying out their background checks during recruitment.

Research shows many hired employees give fake information about themselves on their resumption thereby having the organization at the receiving end whenever a crime or questionable issue arises.

We provide full range of background checks and pre-employment screening services for all categories of employees in a cost-effective, flexible, and timely manner.

Why Choose us?

International Best Practice: We have access to International Best-Practice and we are capable of applying our knowledge and creative thinking to develop clear-cut results.

Customer Service: We specialize in the utilization of methods and platforms to achieve ultimate customer service delivery. 

 Extensive Agent Network: With an extensive network of over 400 agents Nation Wide.

Speed: Our Turnaround time is impeccable.

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